Joanne Ineson

Joanne is a Registered Nurse who has worked in primary and secondary in the NHS and private sector providers. Her roles have included 1st and second line operational healthcare management before moving into quality and governance roles with several healthcare providers including multinational organisations. She has been responsible for CQC compliance and inspection readiness for care services ranging from care homes, homecare, acute hospitals and CSO’s providing services to medicine.

Having held medical compliance roles in CSO’s Joanne is an experienced ABPI Signatory and has an in-depth understanding of the requirements of both the ABPI/ABHI Codes and is able to use this to enable organisations to have confidence that all commercial and pre-marketing activities are fully complaint.

Joanne is an accredited lead auditor including ISO 9001 (including 2015) and has significant experience in quality management, regulatory compliance, root cause analysis, critical incident investigations and report writing as well as complex project management. She has also built and led several compliance teams and has a strong track record of success in ensuring that complex organisations achieve successful regulatory and industry specific accreditation.

Marcus Ineson

Marcus is a Registered Nurse who has a track record of leadership success in public and private sector healthcare and Sales & Marketing in Pharmaceutical and Med Tech Companies.

As Head of Nursing he was responsible for ensuring that the services were fully compliant with all regulatory requirements, delivered the highest quality of care and met contractual service level agreements. As part of these roles he has also undertaken service design, redesign and led organisations through transformational change in order to extend and enhance the care delivered and outcomes achieved.

As Sales & Marketing Director he was responsible for compliance of all organisational outputs as the final Signatory. He has a detailed understanding of the ABPI/ABHI Codes of Conduct and how these apply to all commercial and pre-marketing activities.