Clinical Governance Framework Development & Audit


Building, embedding and maintaining a relevant Clinical Governance Framework (CGF) can sound daunting to individuals and organisations. Being able to demonstrate assurance with a robust CGF is much more than having a set of policies and SOPs.


Having successfully led organisations through the process of development and implementation of CGFs, govENHANCE can support the process; saving time and reducing workload by focusing on the priorities for your organisation and supporting your selection of systems and tools to make sure that the ongoing management and success of your CGF is assured.


If like most of our clients you have a Clinical Governance Framework in place it is important to audit this regularly to establish its effectiveness and to provide assurance that you are ensuring patient safety, demonstrating good governance and excellence in clinical leadership.

We can provide a detailed review of: policies, standard operating procedures and processes, and how you demonstrate their implementation, their adoption into your organisational culture and how this drives continuous quality improvement.

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